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Storage model: i-Stock vII Plus
Dimensions: Length 11560mm*width 4600mm*height 3000mm
Material type: Foup/Cassette/Vacuum Packaging/Tray Packaging/Dram Module and other semiconductor materials
FOUP specifications: Length 440mm*Width 350mm*Height 340mm
Access capacity: 200-300个FOUP/Cassette
Deposit/withdraw time: 30-55s/box
Power supply: 3Ψ 220V 50Hz
Static Protection: 1.Anti-static treatment material storage location, surface resistance value 106-1011Ω
2.The external structure of the equipment is grounded, and the equipment power supply is grounded
Temperature and humidity monitoring: 1.Monitoring range: temperature -40~100℃, humidity 0~100%RH
2.Monitoring accuracy: temperature ±0.5℃, humidity ±5%RH

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