Spin Type semi-automatic developing machine


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Appearance material: The PP board is welded together and is resistant to acid and alkali corrosion.
Operating basin cover: Made of SUS, round pot design.
Applicable size: 2"-12"
Basin cover flip: Separate transparent PVC upper cover.
Suction cup specifications: A set of aluminum suction cups are protected by anodized precision grinding molds.
Operation method: Enter directly manually.
Feeding method: Manual placement of tablets, automatic drug supply
Liquid type: Developer, solvent.
Motor: AC Servo Motor (speed: 10~6000 RPM).
With vacuum pump (with PP dust cover).
Vacuum seepage protection: Yes, indirect protection design.
Vacuum brief inspection know: Yes (can digitally design the vacuum value kpa lower limit protection).
Protective device: Have.
Protection and control: There is all the status of the device, abnormal detection

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